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Meet Your Photographer

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Your unconventional St. Louis Wedding Photographer! Heather takes pride in being a niche photographer and being extremely inclusive when it comes to unconventional weddings. Because of this she is an absolute joy to work with and why we are so excited to partner with her and add her to our team!

Why bundle with our photographer?

Whenever you book your media team, most of the time the photographer and videographer will not know each other. Now, that's not usually a problem, but when we get to work alongside someone we truly enjoy working with then it just makes the day that much better for everyone, and it can show in our work. This makes it a much more seamless and stress-free experience for you!

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Let us know at any time that you'd like to bundle with Bee Brook Photography and we can add that on for you with an additional $1000 non-refundable retainer and signed contract. Bundling with our photographer will earn you a discount which you can only get by booking through TMAC Media!

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