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Wedding Video with TMAC

Now, we're not saying don't get a photographer

Wedding videos aren't a luxury!

One video is equivalent to 12,000 photos

We're just saying...

Why Wedding Video is NOT a luxury!

Contrary to popular belief, wedding video is just as important as all of your other services, and here's why:

•Photos capture a split moment, video captures the entire moment•

•When your loved one gives a speech, you WILL want to hear it again•

•Wedding days are crazy, video helps you relive the entire day•

•The biggest regret you hear is "We didn't get a wedding video"•

Imagine years down the road listening to the laughter of loved ones who have since passed, hearing the voices of small children long grownup, and seeing friends and family enjoying one another's company that you haven't seen in years. This is priceless and exactly why wedding videos are not a luxury, but rather they are essential.

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Every PackageIncludes

Full Video Team

Every package comes with two videographers who are fully equipped to capture all moments of the day in video and audio formats with professional quality.

Full Ceremony Video

On top of capturing intimate moments of you, the bridal party, and the crowd, we will have a camera dedicated to recording the entire ceremony so not a single moment is missed. This video will be delivered with all other videos.

Full Speeches and Dances Video

We know how important these moments are, so we want to ensure that every second of these is captured and will be delivered to you as it's own video. This includes all of the speeches from bridal party and/or family, and all of the first dances.

Forever Video Storage

We will send you all of the finished videos for you to watch, and you will always have access to them. This way you can watch them wherever you are in the world and don't have to worry about taking up storage on your devices.

Full Communication and Transparency

After you have decided to book with us, you will have direct access to us whenever you need us. We will set up a meeting to discuss the wedding and go over all the details, share a little about us and our workflow, hear your story and customize your video with you. After the wedding, you will forever be part of our family and we will be here to answer any questions you might have down the road.

Fully Edited Wedding Highlight Reel

No matter what you decide on, you will receive a fully edited wedding video that is 7 minutes in length MINIMUM!!! (Meaning we may surprise you with a longer video :)


All packages come with a free 30 mile radius from the 63069 and 63139 area codes. Additional mileage and destination travel are available.

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Our package pricing is very simple and straight forward, so getting exactly what you are looking for is guaranteed. We will also customize packages for you if what we offer is not what you are looking for.

Ready to book your consultation? Click below to get in contact with us!

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